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Our agency

Santorini exclusive private tours, is a new local agency that organizes tours on the Island of Santorini. We have over 20 years of local practice with different touristic activities. After a long period of work for international tour operators, we established our own company.

In the last years we acquired experience as subcontractors by touring several hundreds of guests. Our long list of satisfied international hosts includes celebrities, members of royal families, politicians and high-ranking officials. Our successful services have bought us lot of satisfied customers.

We offer you the opportunity to discover the island, with a personal friendly approach in a small private circle. Choose us to take you around this spectacular place, let us show you the hidden beauties and highlights of Santorini. Just relax back enjoy the panorama, and listen to the legend of Atlantis.

 Taste with us at a peaceful local tavern, away from the crowds the gastronomic specialties of the island and try a glass of volcanic wine. No matter if you are making a short visit to Santorini by cruise ship or flight, or if you are staying on the Island: 

A private tour is a worth experience, that gives you the opportunity to see Santorini with individual aspects and learn a lot about this unique Island.